Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Etsy Find - Otis B Jewelry, Slip into Something More Beautiful

You may be wondering why I'm blogging about something other than my flowers or invitations? Well, I figured I would share some finds with my readers about other fabulous Etsy artisans that I've purchased items from or worked with.This next Etsian is Darrah of Otis B Jewelry ( I first noticed her on the Etsy Wedding blog and decided to check out what she had in her store. I really liked her oak leaf and chalcedony necklace. I saw a lot of great designs. These are the ones I was most attracted to, but she has so many other great designs. She has over 600 sales. Gosh, I hope I reach that some day soon. :) Darrah is SO sweet and her customer service is IMPECCABLE. I asked her if she could custom make me some earrings using her lotus flower (which I think of as an orchid). She immediately responded and told me she would put up a listing. Within a matter of minutes it was up! When I received my order (okay, I bought 4 pieces for her and bought another piece for someone special for Mother's Day), I was so excited. Her work is so great. Beautiful and simple.. Dress it up or dress it down. Perfect for any occasion!
Even if she has sold an item, she usually relists it. If you see something on her sold listings you can always convo her to see if she can make it again or not. She even let me pick my stone color for the "orchid"/lotus flower earrings.
Darrah is a mom of 2 beautiful girls and I thought I was crazy being a stay-at-home working mother/artist. She's got 2 kids and is trying to manage her growing jewelry business. Thank you Darrah for the wonderful jewelry designs. Always looking to see what new things you create! Become a fan of her company on Facebook as she offers specials to only FB fans. So click here to join her FB fan club page!

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