Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coral Pink Bouquet in Progress

I've been busy trying to get all these orders completed and the list keeps getting longer. Between the invitations and the flowers and everything in between, life has gotten more hectic and stressful. Although it's good to continue to see my business grow!
I wanted to just share a few pics from a bouquet project I'm trying to get out on Monday. I will post the finished bouquet, but these photos are just so pretty that I had to put up a teaser photo so you can see just how the flowers are coming together. Gave me ideas on flowers for a vase arrangement. :) She picked many of the flowers that I absolutely love making, peonies, ranunculus, hyacinth and tulips! Just lovely and so spring-like! This particular client needed the bouquet in a quick turn so I had to move a few things around to accommodate but I'm glad I did because I just love the colors and flowers she picked. Just have the tulips and hyacinth to do. :) Stay tuned.

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