Monday, March 30, 2009

What Do 70 Corsages Look Like You Ask???

The reason for the lack of blog posts is that I've been working on flowers all last week to build 70 flower corsages for a Korean Women's University reunion that's being held in May in San Francisco. A friend's mom asked if I could help her university alumni out with their request so we agreed to corsages. They'll be adding another ribbon with their university logo and the date, but this is what I created. Let's just say 70 corsages is a lot of work and my fingers are sore and numb from wiring and taping all 70 corsages. They do look amazing though all put together in rows! We did a mixture of flower combinations. Mostly they were plumerias, but we did a cymbidium orchid as well. It's definitely colorful and I believe they clients are using these to serve as the decor for the tables as well. Each attendee will get to take them home. Needless to say, I am so glad this order is complete. Now moving onto my other orders and of course getting all my tax preparation done.

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