Monday, March 2, 2009

Style Me Pretty Loves My Cake Flowers!!!

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As many of you know, I am working with Estilo Weddings to provide them with various clay flower creations to sell to their customers online. Maria has come up with some wonderful product offerings for the 2009 wedding season. Today she informed me that Abby at Style Me Pretty had the fuchsia pink peony cake flower on her home page at the top of the blog about all the vendors & products she loves. I LOVE Abby's site as do many brides, wedding professionals and bloggers!

It's so amazing when I see things like this. It's very humbling and inspiring to me. It reaffirms how much I LOVE what I do and how the exposure continues to grow and make me want to be better at this wonderful art of CLAYCRAFT by DECO!

I don't do much wholesale and don't plan on it, but there are a couple of online retailers who I've agreed to work with and I so sincerely appreciate Maria for finding me and asking me to be part of her collection of wonderful wedding & event products to bring it to the market! She's so wonderful and easy to work with. Working with Maria and her company has indirectly brought me more exposure which is so invaluable to me! Thank you Maria and Estilo Weddings!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Diane! That's so exciting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that on SMP! Great job, Diane!

Debashri said...

Way to go Diane! :) Also, you are on the handmade registry website too, just in case you didn't know :).