Sunday, March 15, 2009

Krewe of Kamehameha Revisited...

Many times with clients, they have a color scheme in there mind, but when they finally see it in person, it's not necessarily what they had envisioned. This was the case with the invitations for my Krewe of Kamehameha clients. Alicia's sister-in-law wanted the light blue, purple and gold, but comparing it to Alicia's vibrant yellow orange and pink version, she felt that it wasn't as vibrant as she wanted. So today, upon discussing it with her in detail, she asked if we could try changing the colors for her invitation one more time. So we decided to go with the traditional Mardi Gras colors. Hopefully this is the one she prefers so we can get their order started and out to them to send to their guests. We also revised some of the text to make it more obvious to their guests what they are being invited to.
Some invitations and their revisions take longer to get it just right, but I always try to make my customers happy because I want them to be happy with the end result.

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Just wanted to let you know that your clay hydrangeas are Martha Stewart's craft of the day!