Thursday, March 12, 2009

Formal Party Invitations - Krewe of Kamehameha

One of my favorite clients, Alicia, asked me to help her with the save-the-dates for her party extravaganza being hosted this summer to honor her 40th birthday and 3 special wedding anniversaries. The save-the-dates were informal and kind of fun and festive. Now it's time to do the invitations and she wanted them to be more formal. She still wanted to keep the fleur de lis and hibiscus motif, but change the colors a little bit. I also did some redesign on the logo because I wanted it to be more refined and less "in your face" than the original design of the save the date cards. We had a slight modification in colors, but we're still doing 2 different color palettes for Alicia's invitees and Laura's invitees. This is how the samples came out! I'm really excited about this and I'm looking forward to eventually doing her cake decorations and some other day of details!


Anonymous said...

These are very pretty, Diane. How do you find the time to do clay flowers AND stationery products? You are amazing!

DK Designs said...

LOL. I ask myself that very same question day after day.. :) BTW, Cheryl will be on the island I think in April if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully you two can hook up if she is.