Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Jamaica Bride's Wedding Flowers...

My client, Elisa contacted me and asked me if I could create her bridal party's bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and eventually centerpieces. She was inspired by the bouquet I did for my other client Trang a while back, but we modified it slightly. She wanted a mixture of green and orange cymbidiums and her colors are orange, brown and lime green. Her bouquet includes coral pink roses, pink hydrangeas with hints of deeper pink and green, tuberose buds and fillers. Her bouquet is finished with a iridescent orangey-pink luxe ribbon with a rhinestone buckle.
So these are the photos of her bridal bouquet and her maid of honor's bouquet.
The fun thing about Elisa is that she and her fiance are having a destination wedding in Jamaica. I wanted to share photos of this place called Tensing Pen! OMG, I wish I could go... I love the bouquets and flowers I created for this because it fits so perfectly with the location where Elisa is getting married!
What a beautiful place and actually quite reasonable for a resort in Jamaica in my opinion.(Photo credit: Tensing Pen)


Anonymous said...

Diane, lovely bouquets as usual! Wow, I should add Tensing Pen on my blog! :)

DK Designs said...

LOL! It's a cool place. I so want to go. :)

Philippine flowers said...

Well, I really enjoyed reading this post. Specially those lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting!