Monday, February 16, 2009

DK Designs Bridal Bouquets for the Ralston Hall Bridal Faire - Part I

I've been the flower making machine as I mentioned earlier. Thus far I have 2 completed bouquets and 2 more to come tomorrow! I don't typically like to make traditional bouquets but these two are ones that are traditional and popular. Plus I guess in honor of Valentine's Day red roses seem appropriate. 16 large red roses mixed with ivory stephanotis flowers with a little bit of bling in the flowers and on the ribbon wrap.
The other bouquet is the timeless stephanotis bouquet with 60 flowers. It's petite but beautiful. I don't think this one will ever go out of style. tomorrow, I'll hopefully have pictures of one tropical and one more modern bouquet! Stay tuned... I guess in a way I'm spoiling the surprise for those who will be attending the Ralston Hall Bridal Faire, but the majority of my readers live outside of California so might as well give you some eye candy since you cannot see them in person at the Bridal Faire!

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