Friday, January 2, 2009

Single Pink Peony Cake Flower

Yesterday was a VERY productive day in terms of flowers and other things. LOL. One would think that a normal person, when sick would be stuck in bed feeling miserable... Well... my fever and swollen glands gave me a boost of energy... who knew! I made 100 stephanotis flowers for a couple of bouquets I plan to post on Etsy by the weekend and made 12 gardenia hair flowers to replenish the dwindling inventory of my hair flowers on Etsy and of course another cake flower. The last couple of posts I have been doing sets of flowers. This time I figured I would do a single peony cake flower. Many of my brides are just looking for a single LARGE flower and peonies are one that many seem to like. This one is 6 inches in diameter and over 40 petals. It's beautiful all by itself.

Feeling much better today, so hopefully I will be able to knock out a few more cake flower designs to post later this week! Here's to a very productive 2009!

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