Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Flower Samples - Peony, Poppy and Lily of the Valley

I've been busy trying to get the remaining orders & samples out the door before I leave on my trip tomorrow. The last of the samples to ship out are to my July 11th bride. She wanted peonies, lily of the valley and now she's contemplating spray roses and poppies. She was inspired by a bouquet she saw in a recent Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

I've tried to steer clear of making lily of the valley, not because I don't know how to make them, but because they are so time-consuming to make. Alas... as a floral designer I have to give what the client has her heart set on having in her bouquet. Because they are just individual flowers, I decided to just put it on my faux cake and take some shots so that I have it on file to color match when I go and do her order.

It's a very spring like bouquet of flowers and the lily of the valley adds just that little delicate touch!


Anonymous said...

it wasn't until i saw your work in person that i realized how amazing it is! in photos they just look like real flowers - whoopdidoo. but in person you realize that... that they're NOT real... but LOOK real.

very very cool.

have a great trip!
Great work!

DK Designs said...

Thanks Andrew! That really means a lot! I truly appreciate it! :)