Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Bouquets - Work in Progress

Sorry for the lag in the blog posts. I've been busy trying to catch up on orders before the holidays and taking care of my son who has croup. Don't ask me how it all gets done... It just somehow does. :)

I've been busy at work on a big bridal order. This order is for Ela & Kelby. They had contacted me just before I left Oahu to move to California and they took one of my classes to try their hand at making their own flowers. It was really cute to see Ela's fiance take an interest in trying to learn. They asked later on if they could meet me when I was going to be visiting the islands again to discuss bouquets and boutonnieres. So when I returned in May for a short visit, we met and they decided to book the order with me. It's really ambitious to try and make your own flowers, but if it's a new craft, it's not always a good thing because as a bride you have so many other things to plan and do that sometimes it's just best to leave the flowers to the professionals.

Ela's order consists of 9 bouquets and 8 boutonnieres. Her colors and flowers she wanted are: greens (green cymbidium orchids), reds (red peonies) and whites (roses and stephanotis). I thought this was a nice twist on the mothers' flowers, instead of doing traditional corsages, they decided to do bouquets for their moms as well.

These are work in progress pictures. I will have more photos on Saturday, but these are the bouquets I've done so far (before the painting process). I love the colors. It is very holiday-ish with a tropical twist. :) Plus, you can't get peonies in winter so clay peonies are a great solution! :)
This happens to be my last big bouquet order for 2008! Boy it has been an EXTREMELY BUSY 2008! I still have one more large invitation order to get out the door before the end of the year. I hope to enjoy a little bit of down time, but unfortunately not for very long as I have lots of little samples and orders to start tackling. My goal is to get a few orders out in January-February time frame so that my March - July isn't as crazy as it is forecasted to be. We'll see how that all goes.
For those of you interested in clay flowers for your wedding, DK Designs is for the most part, officially booked from March to mid July. But definitely contact me if you have weddings in March, June, or July as there are still a few openings. As I have a hard time saying "no" I might just agree to take your order!


Anonymous said...

Diane, These are as spectacular and beautiful as I have seen of your work! Brides can get any flower, in any colour, ANY time of the year! (just thinking of peonies here as 5" of snow has fallen so far today!) Beautiful, realistic and elegant (as always!)

DK Designs said...

Thanks Tracey. Yes, the wonderful thing is that brides CAN have whatever flower their heart desires regardless of the time of year they get married. Stay warm!