Thursday, December 25, 2008

Custom Clay Flower Arrangement - Reds, Pinks and Whites

Well, so much for not working on Christmas Day! LOL... But when you have a deadline, that's what happens. Plus, I took advantage of Aidan's nap time so I could finish the final piece to Ela & Kelby's order. When I first met Ela and her family to discuss the bouquets, her aunt came along and was so impressed with the flowers that she asked if I could make her an arrangement for her home. She asked for a specific color palette which was reds, pinks and whites. Her only real request was that she really liked red peonies. So this is the end result.
I haven't often done Casablanca lilies, but I decided to do this particular flower also because not only is it beautiful, but it's very expansive. I think the 3 lilies really is the perfect mix among the red peonies, red roses, fuchsia pink ranunculus and the coral pink roses. Plus the white vase adds another nice contrast to the flowers themselves. Lilies are known to be very fragrant which is why some people don't like them. The nice thing about clay lilies, they have no scent so you can enjoy their beauty without being overwhelmed by their scent! :) Hmm... do I dare start working on flowers to try and make quick arrangements for family members for a Christmas get-together tomorrow??? Hmm...

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