Friday, November 14, 2008

Ruth & Brian - Real Weddings (Gardenia Hair Flower)

I was checking out the number of links that pointed to my site and I came across one of my bride's Knottie Bio page. Ruth and Brian got married on September 20th and their reception was the same place our wedding was so it brought back fond memories... Aww, the Halekulani Hotel! BEST hotel and BEST service in Waikiki hands down!

Anyway, Ruth contacted me to see if I would be able to do her gardenia hair flower for her wedding. I sent her one and she had a hair trial and asked if I could do another one with just the floral wire as the other one didn't hold in her hair as well, but she still loved it and was willing to pay for the 2nd one. Here are a few shots courtesy of Chrissy Lambert Photography (another AWESOME photographer on the Hawaiian Islands... Chrissy is so much fun to work with.. HIGH ENERGY and LOVES what she does). What a great shot of Diamond Head... OOH how I miss home!

This is what Ruth had to say about me in her Knottie Bio. Thank goodness it was all good stuff (as you know Knottie brides can be brutal when the service expected is not up to snuff). So far I have been very fortunate to date with what all my brides have had to say about my quality and level of service.

"DK Designs, Hawaii: Diane Phillips created my clay gardenia to put in my hair. I wanted the clay one because I really wanted gardenia in my hair but my aunt told me it was a bad choice because it bruises so easily. I highly recommend DK Designs if you want realistic looking clay flowers! I believe Diane also does centerpieces, bouquets, cake flowers and favors."

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