Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Day to Enter to Win a DK Designs Clay Floral Arrangement!

Today is the last day to enter to win 1 of 3 of my clay floral giveaways that Melissa Smitten is hosting on her Melissa's Smitten Blog! The acceptance of entries ends at midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time! Thank you Melissa for hosting the contest on your site! I'm eternally grateful! :)

I know many of you are wondering why I have been light on the blog posts, but I've been teaching the accelerated curriculum courses to a student who came all the way from New Jersey! She's very motivated to finish and to teach so I'm really excited because she'll probably be one of the first East Coast instructors to actively start teaching and expanding the art of CLAYCRAFT by DECO! My student did a fabulous job and we crammed 14 classes in 5 days! She's got some natural talent and I know she's going to be really good. I only wished she lived closer so I could hire her to help me! LOL. I hope that by summer of 2009, she'll be ready to teach other interested crafters the art of DECO clay!

Anyway, new posts to come soon.. PROMISE!

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