Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gardenia Cake Flowers

I got another request for gardenia cake flowers a while back. My Etsy client, Mary sent me the same cake picture that I received before. She told me how much her cake person told her it would cost to replicate in sugar or gumpaste and I was floored!!! Needless to say, I think this might become one of my additional items to my Etsy offerings moving forward since it seems to be so popular and the bride can use it for something else later. Put it in a shadow box with a wedding invitation perhaps as a keepsake or in a vase.

This is a very hectic week (but for me, I'm realizing every week is a hectic week) of trying to complete several print jobs and finally getting around to flower and invitation samples for several clients. My posts might be kind of light this week, but I'll try to post something new as often as possible. My goal is to put up some Christmas/holiday type arrangements on Etsy if I can find some time to create them. Oh yeah, which reminds me, I need to recreate a cake form so I can take better pictures of my work when clients ask for cake flowers. :)

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