Saturday, September 13, 2008

See DK Designs' Rainbow Sherbet Flower Arrangement in In Style Weddings Magazine!!!
Yesterday, I got an email from Maria at Estilo Weddings. She informed me that my Rainbow Sherbet clay flower arrangement was featured in the Fall 2008 In Style Weddings magazine. When she and her husband contacted me to purchase some of my items they had mentioned they were submitting it to a bridal magazine for consideration for editorial coverage. I had no idea what magazine it would be until yesterday!

Of course, I had to go and get it as soon as she told me! It's a great picture and I know it's my flower arrangement. I'm so honored still that Maria chose my designs to be part of her wonderful collection of wedding items she has for sale on her website! So if you want one of these creations, check out her website at!

So in case you can't read the print, they titled it: "Eco Centerpieces" and they consider it to be "green-chic alternative" to fresh flowers!

Stay tuned for more exciting news next week.....


Debi said...

YAY!!! I don't know how to say this without sounding "crazy" but it's all about "karma" I'm so happy for you, and even more happy that the roses that you initially created with so much love for my wedding to Ed have brought you such success. I can't help but feel a little part of this particular success.

I'm so thrilled for you! ps.. I've been meaning to share with you..

Anonymous said...

I am jumping up and down with excitement for you!!! This is so wonderful Diane.
Your sherbet creation is beautiful... makes me smile!
Sending you big hugs..

DK Designs said...

Debi - thank you so much for always being such a strong supporter of my work. I am so sorry I've been so out of touch. It's just been SUPER CRAZY BUSY... Love the new blog!

Deb - you're so awesome... I can't wait to see you in October hopefully and chat in person... I'm always so excited and so honored when I see my stuff in print! :)