Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aidan's First Day of Preschool!
Today was a momentous occasion. It was our son's first day of preschool. He missed the official start last week since we were on vacation. We were hesitant about him starting because I had a disastrous day trying to get him to use the potty. Aidan is a stubborn little man. I told my husband that I didn't want to waste $268 for him to pee in his pants and be sent home until he's ready. But we decided, it's time for him to sink or swim.... Plus I think he tends to do much better when Mommy and Daddy aren't around to scold him.
So we got there too early to do the drop off system so we ended up just walking him in which was good because Michael had a chance to warn the teachers about Aidan and the potty training. They understood and said they would really try hard with him. Thank goodness he has such wonderful teachers, Miss Michelle and Miss Christine! I got a little misty eyed when we said goodbye just because I feared I would pick him up in loaner clothes because he wet himself. He could have cared less that we were leaving as he was so engrossed in the farm animal toys he was playing with at the table. I always heard horror stories of moms and kids crying when it was time to say goodbye. Not my child! Which is good. It shows that he's ready to go to school.

So instead of working on flowers the whole time, I spent it cleaning. The four hours went by way too fast. I definitely need to organize my time better when he's at school. It was a good break for me nonetheless. It gave me some "me" time which I so desperately needed! Being a mommy, entrepreneur, wife, etc is tough work!

At any rate, Aidan was successful on the potty at school and no "accidents"! I was so proud and all he could ask me is if he was going to get a new car because he went on the potty and didn't have an accident. We went home and he continued his potty training. We got him new cars and some zoo animals and then he regressed. I had to take toys away and then I think the light bulb finally went on.... He managed to go a couple of times and I promised him if he continued doing a good job he would get a special treat. So we took him to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and an ice cream sundae!

Tomorrow he'll be home and then Thursday is "blue" day at school and he keeps reminding me that it's "blue" day at school! I wish he could go to school everyday.... Just imagine all the work I could get done! Oh well, next year.... I'm thankful for the 2 half day breaks I get in the meantime!


Debi said...

Congratulations! I can't tell you how many times in your life you will relive this moment and the next one (his first day at kindergarten).

I had "first day at school" flashbacks over Labor Day Weekend when my daughter boarded her first flight...a red eye from Colorado to Florida at 2 am...alone.

As she was being handed her boarding pass I asked for a "guest pass" to escort her to the gate. The ticket agent looked at me and said "How old is she?" I answered "20" the agent gave me a glare that said "And you want a guest pass? Get real lady!" but she said "no, the cut off age is 18". Watching her leave through the glass partitions all alone, being what the world calls an "adult" when to me she is still my little girl. Wow.. it reminded me of that first day of school.

Cherish each memory. And congratulations again on the transition from "baby" to "Little Boy" - D

Beverly said...

Diane, I saw you on Martha, and your amazing talent with clayflowers blows me away. I've followed your blog on and off since. Makes me wish I could go back to when I was planning my wedding in '03 to include some of your beautiful creations!
I can totally understand you!
I have a 3 yr old son that I just started sending to Japanese Kindergarten and had the same worry about potty training! We had 2 months to really get potty training down before we went on vacation and then he started school. I think I was the same as you, more worried about accidents than him being away from me all day. Thankfully, after two weeks he is now accident free! whoo hoo!
In Japan, he goes to school from 9-2 everyday. And the bus picks him up at 8 so really I have 6 hours to dedicate to my 11month old daughter and making stuff for my etsy shop. It is wonderful!
What I want to ask you is, how you manage to do SO much with your time! I see you filling HUGE orders for flowers, running a very sucessful business, blogging daily, teaching classes, and on top of that being a good mom (btw Aidan is adorable!)and wife, and I'm imagining you must work at lighting speed! How did you mangage with your son around? Even with my 6 hour a day, I feel like I don't have enough time to get everything done!
I hope one day I'll be able to take a class and learn how to make clay flowers myself!
Keep up the great work! You inspire me!
Beverly Chang