Sunday, August 24, 2008

Replica Bouquet or Is It???
I got a request several months back after the post from Miss Pineapple via A newlywed wanted a replica of her bouquet. She's doing a Trash Your Wedding Dress party soon and wanted a replica of her bouquet. Obviously, I cannot recreate Mother Nature's work of art, but I can create my artistic representation of what I see. The client also asked if we could put more orchids and less roses in the bouquet since her budget when she got married couldn't accomodate the amount of orchids she wanted. So.... replica bouquets can be anything you want them to be, especially when it wasn't your ideal wedding day bouquet, now you can have them with clay flowers!

I'm interested to see what this Trash Your Wedding Dress Party turns out to be like. I've heard about it from a few of my brides, but have never seen one. I can't imagine trashing my wedding dress... I think I need to investigate more. Hopefully Maritess will send me pictures. :) Maritess also saw my work at her friend's wedding on the Big Island a year or so ago where I did the bride's wedding favors so, I guess it was meant to be for us to connect. :) The picture of above is courtesy of Ed Pingol.


Tinygami said...

Your bouquets are always so beautiful!

maritessb said...

Hi! It's Maritess. I was goggling your company name to find your etsy. I just picked up my package from the post office. They are beautiful. I was about to blog about them myself. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!