Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going on Vacation!
We're going on vacation tomorrow! YIPEE!!! Many may think this is not a good time with all my looming orders for end of September and all of October. It was however our only chance to get away. We're going to Barnegat Light, New Jersey... The beach.... Honestly, being from the West Coast and seeing the beaches in CA and HI, I thought to myself, "nice beaches in Jersey???" But if I was to be anywhere in Jersey, I am glad it's Barnegat Light. Plus, the beach house my husband's brother owns has been remodeled and is gigantic... Viewing the sunsets from his rooftop and overlooking the never ending Atlantic Ocean... I can hang with that. This picture was taken on my first visit to Barnegat Light. It's the walkway to the beach from the beach house! SWEET!

This vacation is much deserved and although I'll be stressed when I come back trying to fill all my orders and teach, it will be well worth the visit. To see my in-laws and for the three of us to spend time together as a family instead of focusing on work will be a welcome change...

Instead of blogging the next week about my flowers or invitation designs, it will probably be a lot about other great finds or the beautiful scenery of LBI and of course my family. I got the LensBaby (early birthday present from hubby, LOL) so it arrives the day we do, so I'm so excited to try it out. I have to do Debbie proud! :)

Not to worry, as soon as I return there will be plenty of new images to share of wedding orders I'm working on as I think I have 8-10 that are due all in the month of October.

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