Saturday, August 2, 2008

DK Designs' Clay Floral Designs at Made In Hawaii Festival (Aug. 15-17)
The Made in Hawaii Festival at the Blaisdell Center on Oahu is the largest local arts, crafts and food festival held every summer. DECO Clay Craft Academy has had a booth there every year since I've been a member and that's going on now 7 years.

This year the DECO Clay Craft Academy is allowing the instructors to sell their finished products. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, but my pieces will be there for sale. I'm frantically making my pieces this weekend to sell so that I meet the deadline to turn them in. I am not sure how many I will have to sell, but doing my best to get as many made as I can. Traditionally, they've always run out of things to sell so if it's anything like the "In Full Bloom" Macys exhibit we had in November, I better make a lot to sell.

I decided to focus more on other flowers and not so much the tropicals (there will be a couple). Just because I know there will be plenty of tropical flowers made by the other instructors and the Academy. My thought was to show the diversity of flowers that can be made with the CLAYCRAFT by DECO soft clay. I don't know if they will sell since more people are typically into the tropical flowers, but all my pieces sold at the Macy's exhibit. We'll see. If not, I guess I'll have more pieces to sell on my site, which is also a good thing! :)

I know many of you are thinking, "I can't go to Oahu to be there to buy one of DK Designs' clay floral arrangements, how can I get one." Well, I thought about it and I decided to make one of each (with some exception) to also sell on my Etsy site. So these are some of the items you will find posted on my site later this weekend. I have to get back to making flowers right now so the pictures are teasers for the time being.

If you are visiting Oahu from August 15-17 or live in the area, definitely go to the Made In Hawaii Festival. When we lived there, I used to go and find lots of wonderful local gifts to send back to loved ones on the mainland. I wish I could be there this year to help out and tell those who come by the booth how proud I am to be part of the DECO Academy!

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