Friday, July 11, 2008

DK Designs is Selected to Become a Member of the Etsy Wedding Team!
A couple of days ago, I received an Etsy "convo" (an Etsy email) from Leigh-Ann Kline who makes beautiful handmade wedding purses and clutches for the discerning and stylish brides via her Etsy site. She asked if I would be interested in joining the "Etsy Wedding Team". Here's a little bit of what the team is all about.

"Our goal is to promote our Etsy shops which feature excellent quality wedding-related items for the perfect handmade wedding! This is a global team and we encourage the promotion of the team globally. We look to have a balanced membership with various categories being represented. The street team provides a supportive foundation and community for the various shops who join. This support may include - but not be limited to - providing constructive criticism and feedback, Etsy shop promotion strategies, and collaborations that will allow members to grow and be challenged creatively. The Etsy Wedding Street Team shows how easy it is to find sources of quality items for the perfect wedding all in one place--Etsy!"

I was very surprised and honored that the Etsy Wedding Team coordinators felt my work was worthy of becoming a member of this team. Who knows what great things will come of our collaborations, skies the limit! One of my favorite designers who is also a member is Mikiye Creations. She has these beautiful silk flower hairpins decorated with lovely crystals. She does some really nice things for brides. It's talent like these women that really inspire me to continue doing what I do and that people will take notice... Every day something new and wonderful happens to me and my business and I am always so grateful and appreciative of these chances and opportunities that come my way!
So yes, I can now call myself a PROUD member of the Etsy Wedding Team!

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