Saturday, May 31, 2008

Examples of Tropical Leis - for the Tropical Flower Course
So in between all my orders, I have homework too. Before I can start teaching my students the new Tropical Flower Course via the Deco Clay Craft Academy, I have to finish my projects too! So I finally finished my leis. Here are a couple that I finished. The very popular plumeria lei and a 2 strand pikake/1 strand lokelani rose leis twisted together. Don't they look real! :) I don't make leis too often because they are so time consuming, but once they are done, they look amazingly real and beautiful!

My students are looking forward to the new 10 classes of everything tropical and I'm looking forward to teaching it! I don't think you can ever take the Hawaii out of me as the tropical flowers have always been my favorite.

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