Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DK Designs Selected to be on the Martha Stewart Show!!!
I got an amazing call on Tuesday! We were driving down to Disneyland and I got a call with a 917 area code. I didn't recognize it so I let it go to VM. It was a call I NEVER expected in a million years! It was the production assistant from the Martha Stewart Show! She said the producers saw my pieces that I was selling on etsy.com and they would like to see samples. I immediately called her back and we discussed what they wanted. Initially I was going to come back and make new things and send them, but she called me back on Thursday and said they needed the samples on their desk on Monday. She said they were considering it for a 4/1 show if they felt it was as good as what they saw on my etsy.com storefront!

Monday, I got the GREAT news! They met with Martha herself and they decided they want me on the show to teach Martha how to make the flowers! So I'm travelling to NYC to be on her show. The show I believe is supposed to air live on 4/1, so check your local listings! I'm a bit nervous, but I just need to focus on what we're doing and do my best!

This is the HIGHEST compliment to me, to be selected by Martha Stewart and her show producers. Who would have ever thought they peruse the etsy.com site, granted it makes a lot of sense! So you crafters out there, never know who's looking at your stuff!

This will also not to mention be huge for the Deco Clay Craft Academy - more students and interest in the CLAYCRAFT by DECO soft clay and the Clay for All Seasons Book. Besides, if I wasn't given the opportunity to learn this AWESOME craft/art from the Academy, I would have never come across an opportunity like this!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but I'm actually teaching a student from Indiana an accelerated Deco Clay Craft Academy curriculum course. It's amazing how far people will come to take the Academy courses, but then again, I did it! This is truly an amazing craft and I enjoy teaching others and expanding the craft on behalf of the Deco Clay Craft Academy!

Thank you Martha Stewart and the Martha Stewart Show producers for giving me the opportuntity to share this with your audience and for finding me in the millions and millions of amazing crafters out there!


Chiaki Mills said...

Diane, I am so excited for you!! Good luck!

DK Designs said...

Thank you so much! I sent some of the favor box images from your wedding so who knows, maybe they might show photos of that! :)

cheryl shoemaker said...

Love you D - knock 'em dead!

Summer said...

Diane, seriously, this is huge. I can't wait to see it. I have anxiety for you just because it is so exciting. You'll be SO awesome!!