Sunday, March 30, 2008

Countdown to DK Designs on the Martha Stewart Show...
Well, I'm almost ready for the show. Got packed, got all the things I need for the show. I'm starting to get excited (honestly I've been too busy trying to prepare, take care of my orders and take care of Aidan who has been sick for over a week). It's hard to believe it's almost here. I'm really looking forward to the show and I plan to just ENJOY EVERY moment!

I didn't get a chance to make much as I've been busy trying to work on my swap outs, the final piece I'll be demonstrating and other odds and ends. This is the one piece that I was able to finish and hope to give to Martha Stewart as a gesture of appreciation for putting me on the show! This is one of my favorites which the original was more in a tall vase that I called "Tropical Punch". I just love the colors and the flowers. Peonies, cymbidiums, roses, dahlias, and tuberose buds in rich pinks, peaches, oranges, reds and greens. I also plan to give some of the pieces from the show to the producers who worked so closely with me to through the whole process. They are truly amazing!
I hope you watch the show and I hope I do well. Just have to remember to stay calm and imagine Martha is just a regular student of mine! Yeah, RIGHT! :)
REMEMBER, TUESDAY, 4/1! CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS, CABLE OR SATELLITE PROVIDER!!! The segment will be posted Wednesday night on her Craft section of her website if you can't tape or view it when it is on! Wish me luck! :)


Anonymous said...

Loved the segment! Your work is beautiful!!! Wish you had more time on the program!!! Congratulations!!!
Wishing you continued success!!!
Linda Williams

DK Designs said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much! 7 minutes seemed like 1 minute. Hopefully there will be a ton of interest and some future opportunities develop! It was an amazing experience to say the very least!

Diana said...

i am watching you now on Martha on Channel 18 in Kentucky. 2:00EDT what a wonderful segment. great presentation - you are delightful. I am a doll artist and will be buying and trying Deco because of you. thank you sharing your beautiful flowers.

DK Designs said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The clay is perfect for doll making so I think you'll enjoy it. Plus the book gives you some examples of figurines and how to make them with the clay.

Happy Clay Crafting!

Chiaki Mills said...

You rocked it today! You were so calm and collected. Great job! I also saw the gardenia favors in the intro. :-)