Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pink Hibiscus Place Cards and Table Numbers
This particular couple was a referral from Paciic Coast Host on the Big Island! Thank you Stephanie! Stephanie is another wonderful wedding planner extraordinaire on the island of Hawaii. Her clients were from Connecticut/New York area. Very easy to work with which was awesome. They picked a pinkish orange hibiscus as their theme. They ordered the invitations first and decided to carry the hibiscus theme and the punchy fuschia pink and bright orange metallic colors to compliment their wedding reception.

These are just a couple of the pictures from Bob Brown of Eye Expression Photography. The sun had already set when he took these pictures, but they still look fantastic. Thanks Bob for always making my creations look stunning! The reception took place at the Mauna Lani Resort ( This is a great location for a beach wedding and outdoor reception on the Big Island. The wedding department staff is great to work with too! If you're looking for a wedding planner, check out Stephanie at and of course Bob for photography at!

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