Monday, February 4, 2008

An invitation that embodies a couple's personality!
I recently was asked by a client of Orchid Isle Weddings & Events ( to come up with a wedding invitation for them. Their colors are ivory,pink and brown. These are very popular colors, but what makes this invitation truly special is the motif they chose and how it embodies who they are as a couple.

Kristy's friend searched on Wikipedia the meaning of a magnolia flower - its one of the oldest and strongest flowers around. Its species, which is millions of years old, was around before bees! It has continued to bloom season after season with exquisiteness that looks so delicate but is actually so sturdy it refuses to give up.
Kristy became fascinated with it and a friend of mine looked it up on Wikipedia for me and wrote me this...."Kristy, this flower embodies you in all your beauty and strength. You are so gorgeous, inside and out, with elegance that appears to be fragile but like the magnolia you are strong, unwavering and can endure anything." I really took it to heart and decided that it would perfect to represent the relationship that hector and I have. So this is why I love this flower so much and it would be great if we could carry it throughout the wedding.
This story really touched me and I think it goes to show you that it's important to pick a motif/theme that incorporates your style but more importantly who you are as a couple if it's relevant! :)

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