Sunday, January 27, 2008

1/27/2008 - DK Designs' Official Blog!

Who would have ever thought that I would do something like this, but I guess it's the next logical step in further expanding my business! 2007 was a great year for DK Designs and I know that 2008 is going to be even better!

This arrangement is one that I made for the Macy's Exhibit I participated in with the Deco Clay Craft Academy as an instructor. This is a piece that I made to sell as this was the first year we could sell our finished products. It was fun making the tulips, peonies, and dahlias! I call this one "Tropical Punch"... I almost wish it didn't sell because I wanted to keep it!

I hope you enjoy this blog... I hope once I get past some of my orders this week I'll be able to add more pictures and commentary... There's lots to stay tuned!

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